A Mobile Application, with which observing assets locations & movements from one place to another within your site along with their follow-ups is conducted; not only in a smooth functional and dynamic manner; but also with a superlative & imperative handling too.

As the program sets the assets’ database dedicating barcodes to each & every asset, for they are tangible; an immediate & clever action of a merely scanning process can promptly be conducted to have the program determine all of your property assets at site & elsewhere at ease; provided that you synchronize & save the data entry with their historical records; as you will have each & every asset be attended in full control.

FATS Main Features

  • Keeping a list of all valuable assets records owned by a company.
  • Creating a massive database of assets with their details.
  • Allocating Assets and determining their accurate movement.
  • Auditing asset inventories through the use of a fast, easy-to-use, & accurate operation.
  • Specifying all assets responsible persons; post allocation.
  • Assessing assets deprecation rates automatically.
  • Guaranteeing a menu-driven application with a user friendly interface.