Human Resources are considered to be the most crucial element of success to any given business entity especially huge organizations. Thus, using the latest state-of-the art technology became an inevitable necessity enabling it to better choose, manage, and develop their finest human resources possible.
Using the HR & the Payroll Management Sys. (HRPMS), organizations can maintain accurate and detailed records of their employees’ data, such as resumes, previous work experience, medical history, etc., before their enrollment, as basics to initial evaluation, and after acceptance for future records & evaluations.
In addition to having a dynamic tool that evaluates each employee’s performance according to the standards determined by each management department, and according to each job nature and requirement; Correlations to all employee’s performance levels, whatever their measures were, are guaranteed with financial compensations to each employee is conducted..

The main Modules Of HRPMS

  • Recruitment module;
  • Personnel module;
  • Attendance module;
  • Payroll module;
  • Evaluation module;
  • Training module;
  • Housing module;
  • Medical module;
  • Self Service System;

The main Features that HRPMS endures

  • Dedicating one database for HR, Payroll, time & attendance.
  • Dealing with multiple branches of the organization.
  • Generating various reports; decreasing paperwork.
  • Assigning training plans to employees with their follow ups.
  • Presenting a two level evaluation for managers and staff.
  • Allocating and ideally placing employees at any given space in the building.
  • Organizing employee’s data perfectly for an easy use, and an effortless reference.
  • Permit all income and deduction information be a user defined.
  • Guaranteeing fast and accurate tax calculations.
  • Maintaining records of various employees’ salaries components and information.
  • Creating salary sheets and slips to all employees.
  • Granting a menu-driven application with a user friendly interface.
  • A robust security; easily administrated as can be defined by users and/or departments.
  • Entering data at remote locations.
  • Validating an easy and secure global access through any web browser.