A leading provider of Bulk SMS delivery services in Egypt and the Middle East, we offer the most competitive rates and reliable services in Egypt offering full database integration and features packed web gateway that provides you with everything that you could possibly need and more.


    • Text SMS – up to 160 characters (English).
    • Unicode SMS – up to 70 characters (Arabic).
    • Dynamic Sender ID means that the sender name could be shown as alphanumeric text & included with a space or other separator between the words with max 11 chars.
    • SMS Message Sending to multiple receivers.
    • SMS Message Sending work for almost every mobile phone provider in the world .

The Benefits that our web portal provides

  • Delivery Notifications (Can be extracted directly from the Web Interface).
  • The Messages have no validity period or expiration date, meaning that you can make use of your credit whenever you want.
  • Accurate Reports (Sending Validity Reports, Credits Balance, Orders, etc.).
  • WEB FORM (easy to send – easy to navigate)
  • Integrated Wap Push service (you can send any type of file to you)
  • Make your Own catalogu Online and Publish or send it to your clients
  • Periodic and scheduled SMS Message Sending (every day, week, month, every fifth day of the month etc.).
  • Sending of massive numbers of SMS messages (for big clients).
  • Operational phone book with directories and subdirectories for storing your mobile numbers.
  • Full history of SMS messages that have been sent and very operational administration Menu.
  • You can send to multiple recipients by separating them with commas (,) or spaces.
  • Use our powerful address book and favorites list to send messages to your friends and family
  • Modern user friendly interface
  • Convenient integration of existing contact databases (import from CSV/Text or Excel files)
  • Complete customization and personalization for Bulk Messaging (Batch) or Single Messaging
  • Flash SMS support.
  • Drafts box.
  • Re-send SMS facility.
  • SMS Templates.
  • Easy, Secure, Flexible and Reliable.
  • Free Support from the Technical Support Team.
  • Easy and Immediate integration and deployment.