The Normal Grades Management System (NGMS) is the ideal program to be implemented in handling all aspects related to the students’ grades; and also to the printings of their monthly, midterms, and the Final Certificates; in other words, their certificate issuance and calculations.

The program was initially designed and created in a dynamic manner to be consistent with our esteemed client’s demands and requirements; and further adjusted to be consistent and accordant with the Ministry of Education’s Portfolio.

The System was moreover advanced to extract & generate reports that facilitate having the school’s administration maintain a good hand on the deficiency facets regarding its teacher’s performance, by the system’s other distinguished grade analysis report.

System Features

  • Dealing with multiple educational systems (IGCSE, American Diploma, National, etc.).
  • Generating every Ministry of Education reports.
  • Maintaining all students’ enrollments procedures.
  • Listing reports of students related issues.
  • Keeping historical medical records to all students.
  • Generating more than 60 statistical & analytical reports.
  • Creating all class lists dynamically.
  • Fully integrated modules, where repetitive work is prevented.
  • Handling attendance, performance, extracurricular activities, sessions, etc. readily.
  • Categorizing students per class by one or more of the following criteria: The students mother tongue, second language, age, gender, religion, and / or nationality.
  • Granting a menu-driven application with a user friendly interface.
  • Involving a robust security; easily administrated as can be defined by users and/or groups.
  • Entering data at remote locations.( a Network compatibility).