Mubasher sat is consider one of the most powerful online practice for real sat exams for SAT 1 & 2 word wide.We guarantee to raise your SAT score by 20% at least

Due to the most recent regulations done by the supreme council of universities for the American diploma, Mubasher has launched it’s brand new project for SAT. Mubasher designed the most powerful iterative website on the world web

The site offers:

  • More than 15,000 questions that cover for all SAT subjects; SAT I & SAT II.
  • Questions are categorized on difficulty levels and on all parts of the subject curriculum.
  • The real SAT tests comply to the real tests in the no. of questions, time allowed .etc.
  • The student gets an instant correction of his/her answered questions together with clear corrections to the wrong answers.
  • Automatically generated reports for the student’s performance that can be headed to the school administration, to the center or to the teacher.
  • Very easy access to the site even for new internet users.
  • Designing a website for the school, the center or the school, the center or the teacher.
  • The price offered is reasonable compared to any offer SAT web sites.
  • The site is easy to access with the dial up or the ADSL.

N.B. the site doesn’t contain any explanations so as not contradict with the various teaching methodologies used by different teachers

  • Giving the student a realistic opportunity to real SATs.
  • Giving the student the opportunists to self evaluate himself.
  • A realistic follow up of the student’s standard through automatically generated reports