The various inter-complicated Committees’ operations and processes with their correlated issues grew mature by deploying The Committee management system (CMS). The Program dynamically transforms the entire school into a huge committee by distributing committees, allocating supervisors & their assistants, proctors & overseers; in all school’s predetermined building floors; with their accurate schedule & exams appointments provided.

With the Committee management system a functional superlative quality process is granted to be in conduct; as the program generates its impressive functional reports such as The “Committee List report”, The “Bench Label” report, in addition to The “Student Seat” report.

System Features

    • Defining the number of students in each exam groups, with the possibility to fix the total for all or some groups.
    • Organizing exam groups consisting of students of the same or different grades.
    • Formulating the exam groups, with the student names alphabetically or randomly sorted.
    • Maintaining a 4-level group administration system (administrator, supervisor, assistant supervisor and controller).
    • Automatic assignment of controllers and supervisors to groups, with the option of automatic exclusion of a subject teacher from the controlling process on the day of his/her subject.
    • Giving the option not to have a controller attend the same group again unless he/she has attended all groups.
    • Printable lists of exam controllers and supervisors.
    • Printable handouts of exam group codes and locations.
    • Student exam bench code ID (student copy).
    • Student exam bench code ID (on-bench copy).
    • Printable list of students included in the exam group featuring bench ID, group code and location.
    • Exam controller/supervisor-based report featuring his/her exam timetable.
    • Guaranteeing a menu-driven application with a user friendly interface.
    • Involving a robust security; easily administrated as can be defined by users and/or groups.
    • Entering data at remote locations.