The American Diploma Score Calculation utility (ADSCU) is the ideal program to be implemented in the American Diploma Schools; handling all aspects related to the students’ grades; and also to the printings & the issuance of the students’ certificates.

The system prevents all obstacles, hurdles, & problems that used to be confronted by administrators regarding grades calculations; to be completely solved by the implementation of such an exquisite program; as it was initially designed and created in a functional & a dynamic manner serving that cause.

Moreover, The administrators will be able to dynamically define the school’s grading policies adopted for each subject, teacher, and grade levels; by setting as much instances desired; determining their percentage rates.

The System was further advanced to extract & generate reports that facilitate having the school’s administration maintain a good hand on guaranteeing an imperative follow up mechanism.

System Features

  • Providing flexible grading system for Middle and High School.
  • Dealing with KGs comment reports.
  • Producing unlimited number of semesters per grade/year & terms per semester.
  • Define your school’s general policies of examinations and grading system.
  • Creating policy for each class /or subject
  • Adding as many instances as possible (quizzes, H.W, behavior, participation …etc) freely.
  • Calculating grades dynamically based upon school’s grading scheme.
  • Generating report cards and certificates for printing.
  • Analyzing grades and initiating their reports.
  • Calculating the student’s average score per subject, term, exam, semester and grade.
  • Allowing teachers have access only to their classes’ marks.
  • Maintaining students’ grades records.
  • Generating more than 11 reports.
  • Posting Certificates securely on your school’s web site.
  • Guaranteeing a menu-driven application with a user friendly interface.
  • Involving a robust security; easily administrated as can be defined by users and/or groups.
  • Entering data at remote locations.