The Student Affairs Management System (SAMS) is a desktop application; beneficial to the daily management of all student affairs conducted by your esteemed entity’s administrative department. 

With the Student Affairs Management System, schools can maintain accurate and detailed records of their students’ data; such as attendance, extracurricular activities, tuition fees, sessions, lockers, buses, and hobbies. As it provides a utility that creates class lists with a dynamic manner for distributions, allocations, and classifications made for students with their different classes; based upon various aspects, like the students’ mother tongue, second language, age, gender, religion, and nationality.  

System Features

  • Providing flexible grading system for KGs, 3rd primary, 6th primary, 3rd preparatory & 1st Sec.
  • Producing a Portfolio in consistence with the Ministry of Education.
  • Calculating grades dynamically based upon school’s grading scheme.
  • Generating monthly/midterms/final certificates.
  • Analyzing grades and initiating their reports.
  • Maintaining students’ grades records.
  • Generating more than 30 reports.
  • Posting Certificates securely on your school’s web site.
  • Guaranteeing a menu-driven application with a user friendly interface.
  • Involving a robust security; easily administrated as can be defined by users and/or groups.
  • Entering data at remote locations.